Best place to sell my car? CarMax or CarZeus?

Have you asked yourself, “where’s the best place to sell my car?”

Are you in the market to sell your car but don’t want to deal with the hassle of listing online?

Are you wondering who’s going to give you the most amount of money for the least amount of hassle?

Odds are that if you’ve asked yourself any of these questions, you googled them as well. And in that search, two companies will usually pop up at the top: CarMax & CarZeus.

Today I dissect the difference between CarMax, a nationwide used car dealership and CarZeus, a San Antonio based, car buying service to help you figure you the best place to sell your car.

CarMax is the “Used Car Superstore.”

And for good reason, they sell A LOT of pre-owned vehicles and have pretty catchy marketing.  

They also offer to buy your car, even if you don’t buy theirs, but at their core, they are still in the business of selling cars, because let’s face it, that’s how they make their money!

But what if you don’t want to buy a car?  What if you want to sell your car and get paid?

Here I breakdown the process of selling your car and compare the two, CarMax and CarZeus.

  • Starting the appraisal process for both companies is very similar.  You go to their respective websites and input your vehicle information.  The big difference is that CarMax’s website is a lead generating website with the goal to eventually sell you a car.  In fact, before you submit, it asks if you want to look at cars or look into financing. Based on that information, you are then categorized as a “good” lead or not and their treatment of you will change accordingly.  CarZeus – on the other hand, only cares about you and has no hidden agenda. They won’t try to sell you a car and value all customers equally. CarZeus – 1 Carmax – 0
  • The next step is a live appraisal and offer.  This is where you can really notice the difference between CarMax & CarZeus.  When you drive into CarMax, a salesperson greets you. After you explain that you are just there to sell your car, someone will take the car from you to do an inspection.  Then you are left with a salesperson who is going to try to sell you a car. If you are not car shopping, you are left alone for an hour or more waiting for the appraiser to be done with your vehicle.  Ugh! At CarZeus, 85% of the appraisal is done before you get to the office. A real person will reach out to you after you submit your information. He or she will then ask you questions about your vehicle and for pictures. Finally, you will receive a REAL offer before you even decide to meet with them!  How cool is that?! If it’s an offer that works for you, you can drive to their office, or they can go to you (if you are in San Antonio) with a check in hand. When you meet with them, they will take you for a test drive in your vehicle to make sure it’s in working order. The car never leaves your site and there is transparency throughout the entire process!  Talk about trust! CarZeus – 2 CarMax – 0
  • Last step, the sale.  If you decide to sell your car to CarMax, it’s another long, drawn-out process to get your money.  You go into a line of people who are there conducting car-buying transactions (which take FOREVER), so if you are there on a busy day, there’s no telling how long you will wait for your money.  At CarZeus, when you schedule an appointment, they literally set aside time for you and no one else! That’s right, you are their only priority and if everything on the car verifies, it only takes about 20 minutes and you leave with your money!  CarZeus – 3 CarMax – 0

As you can see, both companies offer to buy your car and give you a check the same day.  BUT the path to get the check is very different. CarZeus values people and their time. They have an easy and efficient process. You will be prioritized by a REAL car person who is trustworthy and knowledgeable, NOT a salesperson.  The process is transparent from start to finish AND CarZeus will never waste your time or try to sell you a car.

Now that’s you’ve made it this far, ask yourself “where is the best place to sell my car?”

You have a choice.  

You have the knowledge.  

You have the power to not fall for dealership tricks.  

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After having worked at car dealerships for a decade, it is my mission to bring to light the truths of car dealership tricks. My goal is to educate customers and give them the knowledge to be powerful against dealerships. Check out these other articles to help you along the way!

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About the author:

Vida Rivera is a 10-year veteran in the automotive industry, working her way up from Salesperson to Used Car Director. She has worked in both San Antonio & Dallas/Ft Worth markets. She subsequently left the dealership world because she was tired of their tricks & games. She now works with CarZeus as Buyer & Social Media Strategist.